Queen of England wears a mask to appear in public for the first time
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A set of official photos released by the United Kingdom on the 7th showed that Queen Elizabeth II was wearing a mask at Westminster Abbey in London last week to attend a ceremony to commemorate the death of unknown soldiers. This is the first time the queen has appeared in public wearing a mask.


The Associated Press reported that the 94-year-old queen has appeared in public several times in the past few months and has not been photographed wearing a mask.


When she went to Westminster Abbey on the 4th to attend a brief ceremony to commemorate the unknown soldiers who died in World War I, she wore a black mask with a white border.


Due to the rebound of the new crown epidemic, the England region of the United Kingdom began to implement the second round of control measures on the 5th, a series of commercial facilities were closed, and churches and other places of worship were opened to a limited extent.


This is the first time the Queen has participated in an event in London since March. The UK began to implement the first round of control measures on March 23. Prior to that, the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, 99, moved to Windsor Castle, 40 kilometers west of London.


The memorial ceremony held at Westminster Abbey was very simply affected by the new crown epidemic. Only the Queen and Westminster Abbey's senior pastor David Hoyle and a military attaché of the Queen's attendant attended. (Ou Sa) [Xinhua News Agency Wei Feature]